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Petopy has everything pet friends and their people need. 👇

Let experienced veterinarians be a guest in your home.

Your vet's always online on Petopy.

With Petopy Shop, your friend's shopping needs come to your home.

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Online Veterinarian

Your veterinarian is always online at Petopy. In case of emergencies or questions you want to ask, you can make live video calls with veterinarians.

Appointment on the Day and Time You Want

Make an appointment in half an hour at the earliest

Consult expert opinion from anywhere

Expert vet just a phone away

Discover Video Consultancy Service

Ask a question to the veterinarian - Online Veterinarian
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Expert Veterinarians at Your Home

No more clinic and road stress with Petopy! By downloading the Petopy application now, you can benefit from services such as vaccination, microchip and care at home.

Internal and External Parasite Vaccines at Home

Mixed vaccination at home

Microchip and Ration Card

Annual Vaccination Packages

Your needs are now in Petopy Shop

You can get your pet's shopping needs from Petopy. Let veterinarian approved products come to your home with Petopy assurance.

Freshness and authenticity guaranteed

Veterinarian approved products

Free expert advice on product use

Same day shipping and careful packaging

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